SHORT-FILM: "Bloom Girl"


“Bloom Girl”


Here it is!! Months of work, for director and friend Charli Burrowes, as promotion to sell her new helium heart balloon art series which sold out!
It’s a film about letting go, failing, pursuing wrong identities to try to find who you are, and then learning how to be yourself. Take a watch!




Months of pre-production, 11 days in Milan and Venice, and 2 months of editing- then team MeOhMy showed it at Elizabeth Picture Theatres to a sold out crowd. What a blessing to be able to do what you enjoy with great people. Here’s some photos from Italy below while we filmed, and some from the screening!

A phenomenal project to be a part of by a Director who is fully invested in being a badass confident creative force in the world; we need more of those. The art series it promoted is now sold out!



Directed by Charli Burrowes
Producer: Carla Grant and Assistant Producer Madison Sturgess
Animation: Elly-Rose Burrowes
Cinematography, Editing, Color, and Music Composition by Benjamin Andrew



An honour to be entrusted with a vision; given the handlebars to a dream

and asked to bring it into reality. What a thing to do.

Location scouts during the day.

Venice canals on a sunny day.

The above scene shot from 3am in Venice. Below freezing conditions, not many layers of clothes. An absolute legendary team of passionate people.


Friends in Italy. What a time.

Event: The Screening - May 10, Brisbane.

The Team + Friends. Minus Carla.

Thanks for checking in! Hope you liked it!

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